Grupo Asserth can be resumed in one word: Vocation to look for what´s right and recognize mistakes learn with them and never repeat them ever again. It´s exactly with this goal that this group was created. Through all these years our managers have united under this this common goal, pleasure for knowledge. Today, Grupo Asserth integrates people, technique and ethics. This philosophy is integrated into our logo, image that represent our way of working. They went through a marketing study we call branding – a set of techniques that aim to build a strong brand on the target market, by means of attribute relevance and ideals.

Brand based on people. On technical knowledge. On process management. Brands with the golden color – which represents the richness of knowledge. Red – official representative of attention and caution. Green – summarize everybody´s well-being. A group focused on individual competences. On creation, implementation and management of process. Accounting organization, fiscal and finance administration. And finally control of receivables..

Colors! In our logo each color represents a branch of the group:

  • Asserth BPO – a specialized service on recruitment and selection, on process implementation and management. Every routine or project our clients have is implanted and assumed on a management that seeks results. It´s all Asserth BPO’s responsibility – orange representing innovation and ideas.
  • a.P&L - accounting, tax and administrative services. Here is where everything started. From this service comes our technical knowledge, that in many cases is, outsourced to our clients where we act inside their companies. The green color represents organization and well-being.
  • quatroC - a service specialized on control and management of receivables. We do collection four our clients as if they were us, but inside our company. Worth remember this service goes beyond regular bank collection and can be used as ally to avoid risk or prejudice for our clients. Red represents caution and thins company.

Our brands represent who we are, what we think, and what we will be. Our services represent our way of doing what we know with excellence and principally knowledge. Constantly seeking perfection motivated us for all these years and still moves us. You are part of this story!

Grupo Asserth – A intelligent consulting company